Posted by Jeff Fothergill

It’s that time again! A new year.  It’s the time we frequently look forward, maybe dream a little about what we hope for.  What does this mean for us as Christians?  How does our faith inform our hopes and dreams?  It would be easy to fall into the cultural trap that tells us that what we hope for is the Kingdom of Heaven, the next life, the time when we will enter the Pearly Gates and all our earthly troubles will be over.  As Wesleyan’s, this framework is transformed.  John Wesley teaches us that the Kingdom in NOW.  We are living in the Kingdom! Our task then is changed, instead of waiting on the sidelines for something to happen; our job is to make things happen.  When we look around, we see a world that is broken and in need of Jesus. We can be Jesus to this broken world.  He sent us out to be his hands and feet. No more waiting around for someone else to fix the mess. Through the grace that is poured down on us in our baptism, we have been given our marching orders.  As joint heirs with Jesus, we have the obligation to BE Jesus to all God’s children.  Yes, we long for the day when we are reunited and live in the very presence of God, but until then there is work to do!

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