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  1. Elise Long says:

    Hi, my grandfather was J. H. Kern. I’m going thru some old slides taken back around 1972. One has the name of Mrs Bauer Gudermoth (sp?) and Nan McCoy. one of them was a preacher. Can you help me confirm this?

    Elise’ K Long

    • Hello Elise, This is Pastor Mary Ann I am the new Interim Lay Pastor at Lewis Memorial Chapel since July 1st. I do not know the answer to your question but I will check with some of the older members on Sunday and get back to you with any information that I am able to
      get for you. Thanks for your interest in Lewis Memorial Chapel. Come and check us out some Sunday morning at 10am.
      Pastor Mary Ann

  2. Richard Griffin says:

    Pastor Mary Ann: The (Missouri) Gideons would like to renew the pastor relationship with you since your appointment of last year. We are inviting you to our annual Pastor Appreciation Lunch in late April, 2019. Would you like an informational letter sent formally inviting you to this event? Please contact me or call 314.799.5772.
    Our son, Scott, is a pastor at First UMC, Sedalia!
    We would be pleased to have you attend this year.

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