Posted by Mary Ann Cieslak

During this time of Christmas let us remember that through Jesus, God reconciles the world back to God.  Through Jesus we are set free to worship God and to love others.  Jesus is God with us through the pain, the uncertainty of our lives, through our fears, through our waiting, and through our joy.  It is Jesus that brings new life to our world.  Jesus was born as a baby to a peasant girl and a common man.  God did not choose a princess or a Queen.  God did not choose a King or a religious leader to bring God’s son into the world.  The message of the birth of this special baby was not taken first to Kings and religious leaders but rather to the shepherds.   The shepherds were the lowest class of people in Biblical times.  They were outcasts of the community.  Their words were not believed in court, and many towns would not allow them to enter.   You see, Jesus Changes Everything…  If you do not know Jesus as your Savior, ask God to forgive your sins and accept Jesus as God’s son.  Join us in worship this season as we learn how Jesus was SENT to earth for us, and how God SENDS us out to the world to share God’s love and forgiveness with others.

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