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Due to the CDC Guidelines our worship and activities have been suspended.  We will let you know when we are able to worship together in the Chapel…  

Change of Pastoral Leadership

        In July, 2018 I came to Lewis Memorial Chapel as an Interim Lay Pastor.  During the remainder of 2018, I completed my training and mentoring toward becoming a Licensed Local Pastor.  With your encouragement and support I was approved and was recognized as a Licensed Local lPastor in July, 2019.  This past year I have served here at Lewis Memorial Chapel and at North Hills UMC in Ferguson, MO. The commute between churches was quite a distance and I was unable to remain after worship to fellowship and interact with you and be part of the many activities following worship. 
      This year the Bishop, Cabinet, and District Superintendent have decided that I should leave Lewis Memorial Chapel and focus my attention on North Hills UMC in Ferguson.  I will be helping them with technology grants, a community garden, a ministry at the Community College, and a partnership with 2 other North County Churches focusing on justice issues.  They have assigned Rev. Mary Avizenis to you as your new pastor as of July 1st.  She lives in Washington and is familiar with your community.  She will serve you well and will be able to help you carry on your ministry here in Crescent. 
      Lewis Memorial will always have a special place in my heart.  You were my first church and you were my first Appointment as a Licensed Local Pastor.  I have made many friends here at LMC and will miss you greatly.  I have learned a lot about your community and its history.  You have taught me to make apple butter and tried to make me a “country girl” even though I don’t think I achieved that.  We have laughed together, cried together, and tried to reach out to this community.  God is bringing you a new leader to help you continue to reach out to others with the love and grace of God.  God is still in control.  Trust God. Thanks for your love and grace during these past two years.
       I will remain your pastor until July 1st.  I wish I could have shared this with you in person but with Covid-19 normal isn’t “normal” anymore.  Nothing that I am doing now here at Lewis Memorial Chapel will change.  Feel free to contact me if I can be of help to you in anyway.  I love each of you and pray for your health both physically and spiritually.  Peace and grace.      Pastor Mary Ann Cieslak

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  1. Worship begins at 10am. Come and join us.

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