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In case of inclement weather, please check KSDK – Channel 5 for closing information 

   Adopt a County Road Clean-up Day 

         Thanks to all who came to help.  We had a great time together.  Next chance is September 8th (Rain date – September 15th)  Take time to help us make Crescent a “Litter Free” community.



  New Sermon Series – ( August – October) 

  “Heroes and Sheroes of the Old Testament” 

          ( Kids wear your favorite Super Hero costume to church… )

      August 25th – Joshua – God Uses People to Break Down Barriers – (Captain America)

   September 1st – Deborah – God Calls Women to be Leaders – (Jael- Black Panther)

  September 8th – David – God uses people to face obstacles –  (Batman)             


Apple Butter Weekend will soon be here. Mark your calendar now… October 12-13. 

This will be our 80th year of making Apple Butter…

Saturday – October 12th – 9AM- 4PM           

    Come and join us as we cut and prepare the apples for cooking.

    Listen to the stories of life in Crescent. This will be the 80th year for making apple butter. Listen to the stories about the old post office, the corner store, and the school.  Hear stories about the parties in the big house.

Sunday – October 13th – 8AM – 5PM

    We light the fire at 6AM and start cooking the apples by 7AM.

    Join the storytelling around the kettles as we take turns                          stirring the apple butter with the wooden paddles.  Everyone can take a turn stirring. Watch as we add sugar, cinnamon, and salt         as the mixture cooks.

   Join us for worship Outside around the kettles at 9:30 as we share in God bounty.  Sing, praise God, pray, and listen to God’s message.

       By about 4 pm the apple butter will be done.  Join the assembly line as we jar the apple butter. Then join us as we clean out the leftovers in the kettle with freshly baked biscuits.  Yumm!! Apple Butter will be available for pick up and sale on Sunday, October 20th.

For presales of apple butter contact Elaine Terrill (314) 852-8810.

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